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NuPrime STA-6 Power Amplifier


Class A+D Stereo Amplifier Brigeable into a 160 watt Mono Amplifier


With 2 X 90W Class A+D stereo amp, bridgeable into a 160W mono amp, STA-6 is designed with enhanced even-order harmonic circuitry that produces sonic characteristic similar to NuPrime STA-9, but leaning toward neutral with a slight hint of warmth. The STA-6’s spacious, transparent, dynamic and luxuriously textured soundstage has to be heard to believed.

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  • Inputs:
    • RCA: Un-Balanced input x 1
  • THD+N:0.01% (Stereo) / 0.01% (Mono)

    • Stereo Speaker Out x 1 or
    • Mono Speaker Out x 1
  • Frequency Response:10Hz to 50kHz
  • Power:2 x 90W / 1 x 160W @ 8 & 4 Ohms.
  • Same power at 8 & 4 Ohms as the output power is limited by the power supply.
  • Worldwide AC voltage:90 VAC~250 VAC
  • Power On Consumption12.8W (220V); 12.1W (110V)
  • Input Impedance:47k Ohms
  • Dimension:200 mm W x 184 mm D x 60 mm H (including feet)
  • Gain:x 28Weight:1.65kg
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:> -90dB at 1W, 10W, 100W
  • With Package Weight:2.2kg
  • Color:Black


"Stereo", "Mono"